XML to Base64 Converter Tool

Free online XML to Base64 converter

An XML to Base64 converter online is a web-based tool that allows you to convert an XML (Extensible Markup Language) document into a Base64 encoded string. This conversion is useful for various purposes, such as transferring XML data over the internet or embedding XML data into HTML or other documents that do not support XML natively.

Here is an example of how the blog section of an XML document might look like after being encoded into Base64 using an online XML to Base64 converter:

XML code before encoding:

    <title>Blog Post Title</title>
    <author>Author Name</author>
    <content>Blog post content goes here...</content>
    <title>Another Blog Post Title</title>
    <author>Another Author Name</author>
    <content>More blog post content goes here...</content>
  <!-- more blog posts... -->

Encoded Base64 string after encoding:


The encoded string is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that represent the original XML document in a different format. This encoded string can be used in various contexts where the original XML document cannot be used directly. To decode the Base64 string back into XML, an online Base64 to XML converter tool can be used.

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