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Discount Rate Calculator

People often compare prices and discounts when shopping to get the best deal. Many retailers use discounts as a way to entice customers to purchase their products, and customers often look for the best discount and price combination when making a purchase decision.

A product discount calculator is a tool that helps you determine the final price of a product after a certain discount has been applied. The formula to calculate the discount price is:

Discount Price = Original Price - (Original Price x (Discount Percentage / 100))


Original Price is the original price of the product

Discount Percentage is the percentage discount being applied

For example, if a product has an original price of $100 and a discount of 20%, the discount price can be calculated as follows:

Discount Price = $100 - ($100 x (20 / 100)) = $100 - $20 = $80

This means that the product will be sold for $80 after the 20% discount is applied.

Types of Discounts

  • Seasonal Discounts

    You may encounter different types of discounts. Some are seasonal. Big clothing stores often announce 50% discounts when seasons change.

  • Payment Method Discounts

    Others are related to a particular type of payment. Many retailers prefer to be paid in cash rather than with a bank card to avoid transaction fees and immediately receive the money.

  • Social Groups Discounts

    Specific social groups receive discounts based on their peculiarity including students, military officers, elderly people and people with disabilities. Most companies also offer their employees special discounts.

  • Special Days Discounts

    You may have witnessed these discounts on various occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. These discounts are given to honor specific group of people.

  • Coupon Discounts

    Coupon discounts are mostly used online i.e., Amazon, eBay. One get discounts if he has the code to apply before checking out the cart after online shopping. However coupon discounts are not limited to e-shopping.

    No matter what discount is in the store, our discount calculator is always there to calculate percentage off rate for you. It will let you in the seconds how much you are going to save for the particular sale on the item.