Decode HTML

What is HTML Decode online

HTML Decode online is a web-based tool that allows you to decode or convert HTML entities back to their original form. HTML entities are special codes used in HTML documents to represent characters that are difficult or impossible to type directly into a web page, such as symbols or foreign characters.

Using an HTML Decode online tool is straightforward. You can either paste the encoded HTML text directly into the tool or upload an HTML file from your computer. Once you do so, the tool will analyze the code and convert the HTML entities back to their original characters.

HTML Decode online tools are particularly useful for web developers, designers, and anyone else who works with HTML documents frequently. They can help you identify errors in your code, fix encoding issues, and ensure that your web pages are displaying the correct characters.

In addition to decoding HTML entities, some HTML Decode online tools may also provide additional features, such as encoding HTML entities, converting special characters to HTML entities, and previewing the decoded text in a browser window.