Base64 Decoder

What is Base64 decode online

Base64 decode online is a web-based tool that allows you to decode a Base64 encoded string back to its original data format. Base64 encoding is used to represent binary data in ASCII text format, making it suitable for transmitting data through text-based mediums such as email or HTML. The encoded data can be decoded using a Base64 decoding algorithm or tool to recover the original data.

Here is an example of how the encoded Base64 string of an XML document can be decoded using an online Base64 decode tool:

Encoded Base64 string:


Decoded XML document after decoding:

    <title>Blog Post Title</title>
    <author>Author Name</author>
    <content>Blog post content goes here...</content>
    <title>Another Blog Post Title</title>
    <author>Another Author Name</author>
    <content>More blog post content goes here...</content>
  <!-- more blog posts... -->

As you can see, the Base64 encoded string has been decoded back to its original XML format using the online Base64 decode tool. The decoded XML document can now be used for various purposes, such as displaying the data on a webpage or processing the data using an XML parser.