Remove Unwanted Characters Tool

Specify any characters that you want to be deleted

All characters will be removed except letters and numbers

What is Remove Unwanted Characters tool?

Use this text tool to remove any specific unwanted characters or letters. Just type the characters you want to be removed in the text box and click remove. No need to add separators like commas, or escape characters. There are also several templates readily available for you to use.


  • Blank - Empty list
  • All non-alphanumeric - Deletes any character/symbol that is not a number or letter (in upper or lower case)
  • Diacritics - Deletes all letters with accents
  • Letters - Deletes all letters from Aa to Zz
  • Numbers - Deletes all numbers or digits (0 - 9)
  • Punctuations - Deletes all punctuation marks
  • Special Characters - Deletes all non-alphanumeric tokens, special characters, and character entities.

Note: All templates excluding "All non-alphanumeric" can be modified to your needs. If you have a specific set of characters that you want to remove, use the "Blank template".